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how to travel from nagoya to sapporo

How to travel from Nagoya to Sapporo

We would like to ask some questions. We already have JR pass, but we are not quite sure how to travel from Nagoya to Sapporo using those. Moreover, is it possible to take a train that depart in morning and arrive at evening?. If you have more details about this, please tell us.

We'll be very appreciated of the answers, thank you very much


It is simply impossible to go from Nagoya to Sapporo in one day. From Tokyo you could do it by leaving first thing in the morning, then arriving at Sapporo very late at night. It simply is not practical.
In this case, the only smart choice is to fly. Fortunately, there are cheap options available for this.

There are low cost carriers like Jet Star that can fly you up, even for as little as 6000 yen one way, depending on when you fly. See:

Another option are some air passes, both are available from ANA and JAL. Prices vary depending on which international carrier you are taking to Japan, and there are some blackout dates for most fares (except the Experience Japan fare).

Your JR Pass might still save you money, depending on your whole itinerary. Otherwise, it can be refunded. The only other choice would be to break up your rail trip from Nagoya to Sapporo into 2 days, stopping somewhere along the way. It still means a lot of time sitting on a train. Sorry about that.


Hi there,

As Toreneko says it's a rather long trip to make in one go but it is actually possible to do in one day.

Take the train Hikari from Nagoya at 6:20 or 6:37 to Tokyo. Then take one of the following routes from Tokyo - Sapporo you can be there around 17:36 if you take the earliest option but even the 2nd option 18:43 will give you enough time to enjoy a good dinner.

I've made similar trips myself (Hakata - Hakodate) in one day and I would highly recommend bringing a good book or handheld to yourself entertained :)

Hope this helps,

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Yes, the above by Daniel is correct - the Hayabusa is covered by the Pass. In fact taking it to Aomori is a breeze. The trouble is from there it takes a lot longer to get to Sapporo. Much as I love the pass, instead of 12 hours on a train, flying is still more practical.


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