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how to transfer between jr & non jr lines

How to transfer between JR & non JR lines

Hi, I have a JR pass, how do I transfer to a non JR line? Do i have to tap out and tap in again?

For eg, I want to get to Akebonobashi Station from Takadanobaba Station.
I can use the JR pass from Takadanobaba to Shinjuku, how about Shinjuku to Akebonobashi?

Also, i will be travelling to Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo, which prepaid card should I get to use in all 3 cities since not all of my journey is covered by JR pass?



Hi there,

It depends on the station. While I don't know for it works from Akebonobashi Station to Takadanobaba Station, some times its as easy as going through a single ticket gate from one part of the station to the other part of the station. In other cases, the stations can be apart from each other and you have to exit one and then enter the order. There are always English signs available that point the way to other lines and transport companies, so you won't get lost.

For local travel, I recommend getting an IC card.

Hope this helps,

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