questions & answers: using the japan rail pass

how to get to kyoto

how to get to kyoto


me and my mother are meeting in Kyoto, each coming from a different place,
one from Tokyo and the other from Narita airport.

if you could answer thees 3 questions regarding each place separately-

  1. Using JR pass, what is the smartest way to get to Kyoto?

  2. where is the nearest place to exchange the ticket we got in our country to the Japanese one?

  3. can we start using our pass the moment we exchange the ticket?

thank you so much!
have a great day,


Hi there!

Here are some answers for you:

Narita/Tokyo > Kyoto

  • Narita > Kyoto = Narita > Tokyo (via Narita Express) > Kyoto (via Hikari Shinkansen)
  • Tokyo > Kyoto (via Hikari Shinkansen)

Exchange offices

You will find an exchange office at Narita Airport and also at Tokyo station. We include maps to all exchange offices in our orders.

Can we start using the rail pass immediately?

Yes! :)

Have a great trip!

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Thank you!

Is the Hikari shinkansen the same is the Nozomi?

How do I know what is a JR train?

How long does the trip from thees above take to Kyoto?

Where can I check easely routs of the JR, time and so on?

Thank you again so much,


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