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how to get to ashikaga park from harajuku station

How to get to Ashikaga Park from Harajuku Station


I'm currently in Tokyo. Was wondering if you could suggest me how to get to Ashikaga Park from Harajuku Station. I'm using an apps and it's telling me that i will have to walk about 30 minutes from the Station there to the park ? What is the cheaper and best way to get there ? I'm planning on going there on Wednesday (11/5). And is it better to go there in te morning time..or ?

Thank you so much for your help.


Hi there,

Its indeed a 30min walk from the station to the park, although there may be an a bus service from time to time.

For a detailed access section:
See this website.

For an example route see this. Route 5 is cheapest.

I would visit in the morning, as the weather is generally better and less humid.

Hope this helps,

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