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how to get nagoya airport to tokyo to hukuba to koyoto to nagoya airport

How to get Nagoya airport to Tokyo to Hukuba to Koyoto to Nagoya airport

3 adults travelling
Nagoya airport arv 1830 . To Tokyo. Traveling about local trains ?staying in shibuyi
. 3 nights in Tokyo then 7 at ski fields Hukuba on a Sunday . bus to fields who do I get tickets from how and time table?
4 nights at Kyoto then back to airport flight dept 2000. May spend the day about Nagoya if there is afew trains to choose. Would like to travel on bullet train if possible.
May do side trips from from either Kyoto or Hukuba.

Felxi pass ? Having trouble working out the best options.
Thanks Lisa

Hi Lisa,

I think you win the award for hardest to read question! :D

Here are some thoughts on your travel:

  1. From Nagoya Airport (assuming Chubu International), you'll need to use non-JR trains to get to Nagoya station. From Nagoya you can use the bullet trains to get up to Tokyo.
  2. From Tokyo to Hakuba you can follow these comprehensive access intructions. You can either use the JR Bullet train to Nagano and get the bus to Hakuba, or you can use the JR Ltd Express train Azusa to travel their directly.
  3. From Hakuba to Kyoto you should aim to travel down to Nagoya by express train and then over to Kyoto by Bullet (and back).

Here's the JR cost breakdown for what we know of your trip :

  1. Nagoya > Tokyo: ¥10,580 (106mins, 366km)
  2. Tokyo > Hakuba: ¥10,390 (306mins, 344km)
  3. Hakuba > Nagoya: ¥6,720 (236mins, 247km)
  4. Nagoya > Kyoto: ¥5,640 (37mins, 147km)
  5. Kyoto > Nagoya: ¥5,240 (49mins, 147km)

JR ticket cost: ¥38,570 for 5 legs

A 14 day JR Pass at ¥45,100 is the only flexi pass that covers your destinations. Based on your confirmed travel alone you'll need to spend another ¥6530 on JR tickets for this 14 day pass to be worthwhile. It is quite possible to spend this much with day trips so it may make sense depending on your further use of trains.

For reference here is a map of JR lines in Tokyo.

Hope this helps!

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I just spotted that you meant Narita not Nagoya.

Here's the updated cost breakdown for you if you use Narita:

  1. Narita airport terminal 1 > Tokyo: ¥3,140 (62mins, 79km)
  2. Tokyo > Hakuba: ¥10,390 (306mins, 344km)
  3. Hakuba > Kyoto: ¥10,540 (283mins, 395km)
  4. Kyoto > Narita airport terminal 1: ¥16,330 (238mins, 592km)

JR ticket cost: ¥40,400 for 4 legs

Hope this helps!

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