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how long the journey between miyazaki & tokyo

How long the Journey between Miyazaki & Tokyo


How long does it take to go by train between Miyazaki & Tokyo? Is this train trip covered by JR pass? And another thing is that, after use can I refund the rest of the money remaining in the JR pass. As I am planing to go to Miyazaki, Japan in a short trip , max 4 days.

Eagerly waiting for your wise suggestion which help me a lot to make my final itinerary.



Hi there!

Miyazaki > Tokyo is fully covered by the JR Pass, but Miyazaki is very far from Tokyo, so you're looking at a trip of 10.5hrs at least (itinerary) if you choose to do it in 1 trip.

The JR Pass cannot be refunded after it has been activated, so you will not be able to refund the rest of the days remaining on the JR Pass once you have used it.

That said, the return trip to Miyazaki by train will be around ¥50,000 in individual tickets so you will still make a good saving.

Hope this helps!

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