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how long does it take to receive your voucher for jr pass in your country?

How long does it take to receive your voucher for JR pass in your country?

Today is Dec 9, Saturday and my family (3 of us) are leaving for Japan in 8 days time on Dec 18, Tuesday. If I apply for a pass online today, will I receive them latest by Dec 17, Monday? To my understanding, they process orders Monday to Friday only and not on weekends. That leaves them with 6 working days to complete the whole process including shipping of passes to Hong Kong where I live. I am afraid that my timings are too tight and might not receive the passes before we leave on Tuesday. Any one knows how fast they can deliver? Any ways I can expedite this process?


Hi Christine,

If you look at the shipping page, you will find that the shipping to Hong Kong only takes two working (2) Days!
This means that if you order them this weekend, you should have them on Wednesday and for sure by next weekend!

Remember that call passes are send out by FedEx Express and handled very carefully so delays rarely occur.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you Daniel. This definitely helps put my mind at ease!


Hi Christine,

Yes, I can confirm Daniel's advice. We would dispatch your order on Monday, to be with you on Wednesday or Thursday in Hong Kong next week.

Hope this helps!

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