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how do we know which train is covered by jr pass

How do we know which train is covered by JR pass

Where can we find which train is covered by JR pass when we are in different cities?

  1. Is LTD. EXP OKHOTSK covered?

  2. What is the best way to get from Kamikawa station to Sounkyo? Cost?

  3. We are riding train from Kamikawa to Asahikawa but need to get to airport to fly back to Tokyo, best way to get from Asahikawa to Asahikawa airport?

Thanks a bunch.


Hello there,

Basically all JR trains in Hokkaido are covered by the JR Pass. Full validity can be found here, we also have a great interactive map with all lines covered. I would also recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia, this way you can find all JR trains, in addition to a lot of other helpful information.

1.) Yes this train is covered.

2.) There is no train station at Sounkyu, so you will want to use a bus instead. This costs around 900yen from Kamikawa.

3.) Here is how to access Asahikawa Airport.

Hope this helps,

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