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how buy ticket of kansai area pass with foreign!

How buy ticket of Kansai area pass with foreign!

Hi there!

I'm flight dispatcher same as crew member of airlines. Next week I will fly to Osaka and have 4 days stop in Osaka wait the next flight. I want to buy ticket visit the city follow this site Becase I same as crew member so when I flight to another conutry, I don't need visa and ticker return. So Can I buy tickets for 4 consecutive days of West Japan Railway ???
Plz help!


Hello there,

You can only buy a Kansai (or any JR Pass) if you are entering Japan as a "Temporary Visitor". Otherwise it is unfortunately not possible to buy it. I am not sure how the exact procedures are for flight personnel but I guess you could ask to immigration office to put a stamp in your passport.

Hope this helps!

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