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how best to utilise jr pass

How best to utilise JR Pass

This is my itinerary and I intend to buy the 7 days JR pass. Assumming i cannot break the days once i started, i can only choose which 7 continuous days to use.

From my itineary i planned to go from Tokyo on 30 Nov to Nagano, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe. To maximise the extensivity of JR coverage and savings, should i start to use from 30 Nov Sun to 6 Dec Sat ? I read it somewhere JR coverage is NOT good at Kyoto?

26/11 (Wed) KUL/NRT/Tokyo
27/11 (Thurs) Tokyo
28/11 (Fri) Tokyo
29/11 (Sat) Tokyo
30/11 (Sun) Tokyo to Kyoto or Nagano
01/12 (Mon) Kyoto
02/12 (Tues) Osaka
03/12 (Wed) Osaka/Kobe
04/12 (Thurs) Kobe
05/12 (Fri) Kobe/Tokyo
06/12 (Sat) Tokyo
07/12 (sun) Tokyo/KUL

Thank you.


Hi Spencer,

The key to using the JR Pass efficiently is to use it for longer distance travel, which without the JR Pass is rather pricey.
In your itinerary this would be from the 30th - 6th, it would help you cover travel between all these places.

The JR Pass can be used in Kyoto, however there are not many trains lines throughout the city and generally it is better to use to bus to travel around.

Hope this helps!

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