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how are the 7 days counted ?

How are the 7 Days counted ?

[1] I am starting use of the Pass - afternoon of May 17th.

[a] Do my 7 Days finish on a 24 hour basis ie May 24th afternoon ? [b] Is it the 7th day ie May 23rd ?

[2] In case it is the 7th Day , would you kindly give me a Hyperdia Extract with "Sleeper " trains that I can board at Hiroshima late on the 23rd and arrive at Nara on the 24th ?

I did try and use Hyperdia but am unable to find efficient sleeper trains from Hiroshima to Nara - there are some routes requiring 3-4 changes at various stations in the night which would make it impossible to"sleep" in the "sleeper trains" ? Your kind assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Hi there,

The JR Pass is counted in full days and the first day is counted as a full day, no matter what time you start using it.

So a JR Pass would expire on Sunday if activated on the previous Monday. On the last day, you are allowed to finish the train ride you are on if you board before midnight.

Also, there are no sleeper trains to Nara. I would suggest travelling there by day instead.

Hope this helps,

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