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hop in hop off

Hop In Hop Off

Is the 7 day JR pass a "hop in hop off" kind of pass meaning I can take the train as often as I want within 7 consecutive days? Or is it per day meaning I can use it for 7 days within a two week period?
Can I use them for travel within Tokyo or is it only for different towns and/or cities?
Is this reserved seating or can I just show up at the train station on the day of travel?
Please help. I am not so clear about how this pass works.


Hello there,

The JR Pass is valid for unlimited travel within its validity period, this is always in consecutive days. You can take any train you like, and hop and and off as much as you like.

You can use the JR Pass in Tokyo on the JR Network but also all JR lines nationwide. See this map for coverage.

Reserved seating is needed in most cases but I do recommend reserving seats in advance, this makes travel just a lot more convenient. You have to take a non-reserved seat if you don't make seat reservations beforehand.

Hope this helps,

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