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hokuriku arch pass

Hokuriku Arch Pass


I'm planning to travel from Osaka - Kanazawa - Tokyo in March 2017. Just a few questions...

  1. It says that it only covers a certain area for the N'ex - I'm planning to stay in shinagawa, would the trip Shinagawa - Narita airport be covered?

  2. I'm planning to spend a weekend in Kanazawa, and it happens to be on the spring equinox public holidays I think (march 18-20). Is there a way I can make seat reservations on the shinkansen from abroad? and if so how far ahead can i make a reservation?



Hi there,

1.) Where did you this? The JR Pass covers all of the NEX routes. The only exception is if you want to Kawaguchiko. A very limited number of NEX trains travel to Kawaguchiko and an additional fare for that is required. All else is good.

2.) It is not possible to make seat reservations outside of Japan, I recommend doing so the moment that you arrive in Japan.

Hope this helps,

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