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hnd to osaka, kyoto to imaichi station, imaichi to toya station

HND to OSAKA, KYOTO to Imaichi Station, Imaichi to Toya Station

I plan to buy the 14-day JR Pass for my year end trip to Jpn. As I was doing abit of search for the train and travel times, I got the following:

  1. HND to OSAKA - about 3h 30mins, as follows: Keikyu-Kuko Line (Keisei-Takasago)/ Keikyu Line, (Keisei-Takasago)/ Shinagawa Station: Tokaido-Sanyo Shin (Nozomi211) / Shin-Osaka Station: Tokaido-Sanyo Line (Himeji) / Osaka Station

  2. KYOTO to Imaichi Station - about 5 hrs, as follows: Kyoto Station: Tokaido-Sanyo Shin, Nozomi104 / Toyko Station: Tohoku Shin,Yamabiko45 / Utsunomiya Station: Nikko Line to Imaichi Station

  3. Imaichi to Toya Station - about 6h 30mins: Imaichi Station: Nikko Line / Utsunomiya Station: Tohoku Shin, Yamabiko125 / Sendai Station: Tohoku Shin, Hayabusa5, Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto / Hokuto, Super Hokuto 11 to Toya Station

So, I need your help to confirm if I can use JR Pass for the above routes provided? I am confused as I read that it cannot be used for Nozomi Shinkansen. If so, can you please suggest alternatives? Thank you!


Hi there,

You can take Hikari Shinkansen instead of Nozomi.

  1. You can take Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho using the JR pass instead of Keikyu line. Also, you can take Hikari Shinkansen between Shinagawa and Shin-Osaka station.

  2. You can take Shinkansen Hikari instead of Nozomi. Other lines you mentioned were covered by the JR pass.

  3. All trains are covered by the JR pass.

For your itinerary, 14-day JR pass is economical choice!

I hope this helps,

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Truly appreciate your reply. Need your further assistance.

  1. I use google map to get the routes & train suggestions, but unfortunately, it doesn't have the Hikari Shinkansen route you mentioned. The schedule explorer also doesn't provide that.

  2. Can you help point me to where you get your routes / train suggestions which is covered by the JR Rail pass? I would also need to have train schedules and timings too.

Thank you once again.


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