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hiroshima to numazu

Hiroshima to Numazu

Hello there.

A friend and I will be arriving in Japan next week (29 May). We have purchased JR passes for 14 Days.

I would like to know if it is possible to use the JR pass to travel from Osaka to Hiroshima and then Hiroshima to Numazu via shinkansen?

I have tried to use the hyperdia website but its a little confusing for me as I am not familiar with the lines and train types. I think I can use the sakura and hikari trains, but there is a warning after the search that the jr pass may not cover the whole journey?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :) Sorry if this seems to be a noob question :)



Hello Luke,

Thank you for purchasing the JR Pass! The JR Pass covers all of the route between Osaka - Hiroshima and Numazu. Both the Haruka and Hikari trains are indeed covers. Below I've linked two example routes usable with the JR Pass.

Osaka - Hiroshima.

Hiroshima - Numazu.

If you feel uncertain about using Hyperdia, then please read our blog post on how to plan with Hyperdia it's a great help to get started.

Does that help?

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Konichiwa Daniel San,

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!!!!

Thank you very much for easing my doubts, I have followed the blog you provided and had a look at the suggested routes, and I have now confirmed with my friend the routes we will take and we wont have to stress about getting on the wrong trains :) We are now looking forward to our trip and its one less thing to worry about haha!!!

You rock!!

Luke San!


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