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hiroshima to koyasan

Hiroshima to Koyasan

Hi, i've checked from Hyperdia and their recommended route to Koyasan from Hiroshima is to change to nankai line at shin-imamiya Station. However, from most of the blog, it was advisable to change from Namba station.

Therefore, my question is which one is more worth for jrpass , to transfer at Nanba station or Shin-imamiya station as i know JR pass will be covered up to shin-imamiya station.

In addition, do we need to get out from the stations (either Namba or Shin-imamiya) to purchase a train ticket to Gokurakubashi and Koyasan Station or we are alright just to change in the platform?



Hi there,

Actually, if you want to make the most savings using the JR Pass. Travel to Hashimoto station and use the Nankai from there. Here is the route to Hashimoto from there take the Nankai to Gokurakubashi. You can purchase a ticket for the last part there.

Hope this helps,

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