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himeji to narita on last day of jr pass

Himeji to Narita on last day of JR pass

I would like to take the night train from Himeji to Narita (transfer at Yokohama because it is said to be easier than Tokyo). The departure will be at 11:30PM on the last day of my jr pass. Will the pass cover all my way to Narita or only to Yokohama ?
I heard that it was ok til you exit a train station but I would like to be sure :-)


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers the full trip from Himeji to Narita Airport, including the Narita Express. Do note that trains in Japan stop running after midnight so you won't be able to reach Narita Airport if you wish to depart Himeji at 11:30.

The JR Pass is valid until midnight of your last day. However if you boarded the train before midnight, than you will be allowed to finish the train-ride without having to pay extra.

I hope this helps!

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