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hikari green car seating

Hikari Green Car Seating

Hi, we will be in Japan this Nov/Dec and will need a 7 day rail pass. My question is would I be wasting money by purchasing the green seating pass? I had read somewhere in other forums that the Hikari from Tokyo to Kyoto return does not have green seating. Would you know if this is correct? It will be of great assistance to us if your able to help with this question.

I have found this site to be very helpful with other questions I had, by reading the past posts.
Cheers Spooky


Hi there!

Glad to hear the Q/A is helping! In answer to your question:

The Hikari trains from Tokyo to Kyoto are either operated by JR-West or JR-Central. The JR-West Hikari's do not have Green cars, however the JR-Central Hikari do have Green cars (approx. 1 per hour). I know from experience that I have planned my travel on Hikari with green cars from Tokyo to Kyoto, but you must ask and specify that you'd like to use these trains (and be prepared for a short wait in some cases).

I'm sorry if this is confusing, please ask if you'd like me to clarify further!

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Hi Mari

Many thanks for your quick reply, excellent. I understand what your saying and will purchase the green car pass.



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