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help us to avoid being into a wrong track

Help us to avoid being into a wrong track

Our arrival in osaka Kansai Airport will be on 20/08/2012 15:45 and will have to check in at Kyoto Hotel upon arrival.

Is the Hikari Train (Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkasen) transfer from the airport direct to Kyoto ? Please advise, we are run out of time.

On 22/08/2012 continue our journey to Tokyo are we still travel by Hikari Train ?

Meanwhile, is there any JR track which we can travel and enjoy the good scenery of the Mt. Fuji ?

On 25/08/2012 we will be back to Osaka and depart Osaka back to our country 27/08/2012 will the 7 days pass enough to cover ? or we need an extra passes which can transfer us from Osaka to Kansai Airport?

Your favourable reply is appreciated. :)



Hi there,

From Kansai airport you can get the Haruka Express direct to Kyoto. Please note that there is no shinkansen service to and from the airport, however the Haruka is a fast train and direct to Kyoto.

On the 22nd you can continue your trip to Tokyo by Hikari bullet train from Kyoto. Here is a sample itinerary for you.

If you sit on the left hand side of the hikari as you travel up to Tokyo you may get a good view of Mt Fuji, however if you want to spend more time with views of Mt Fuji I recommend you stop at Odawara on the way to Tokyo and use the (non-JR) Odakyu lines to explore the area around Hakone. For this I recommend you purchase the Hakone free pass on arrival at Odawara.

The 25th will still be in your validity period when you travel back to Osaka, however as the JR Pass is measured in full days and your starting day will be the 20th, the last day of JR Pass validity will be the 26th. You should purchase single tickets back to Kansai airport on the 27th.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you.. its helps a lots. I really appeciate.


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