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help please!

Help please!

We are planning our first trip to Japan and we're a bit lost regarding the conections included in the JRPass (we'll buy it for 7 days) although we've checked Hyperdia... We would like to know how to reach the following destinations using the JRPass of 7 Days and how long will it take each trip.

Kyoto → Fushimi Inari
Kyoto → Arashiyama
Kyoto → Nara
Kyoto → Kinosaki
Kyoto → Hiroshima
Miyajima → Osaka
Osaka → Tokyo

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the help you offer on this website. Kind Regards,


Hello there,

Kyoto → Fushimi Inari, travel to Inari station, about 6min from Kyoto station. (Direct connection from Kyoto station)
Kyoto → Arashiyama, travel to Saga-Arashiyama station, about 15minutes. (Direct connection from Kyoto station)
Kyoto → Nara, travel from Kyoto station is 60, 90min - direct connection.
Kyoto → Kinosaki See this route for example. About 145-160 minutes, depending on if you take a direct train or have a transfer at Fukuchiyama.
Kyoto → Hiroshima here is an example route.
Miyajima → Osaka See this route
Osaka → Tokyo, see this route for example.

Hope this helps,

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