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help needed in using the jr pass

help needed in using the JR pass

Help needed for the following journeys.Tokyo- Matsumoto two nights. Matsumoto-Kamikochi one or two nights,Kamikochi-Hirayu two nights,Hirayu-Takyama two nights,Takyama-Kanazawa two nights,Kanazawa-Kyoto five nights Kyoto-Nara,Kyoto-Mount Koya two nights.Mount koya-Hiroshima.Then back to Tokyo. Can the pass also be used to the airport.What is the best and most cost effective way to do this please? One of the people travelling is an old age person are there any discounts? Thank you for your help


Hi there!

The JR Pass will cover most of your travel, including travel to Hiroshima and the airport. What is not included is travel to and from Kamikochi, this because the area is only reachable by bus. Here is some extra information on how to access Kamikochi.
In addition the last part to Mount Koya (Osaka - Koya) is traveled on the Nankai railway which requires an additional fee of 850 yen.

The JR Pass already is a very discounted ticket and only available for foreign tourists, there's no extra discount for students or senior citizen. However the JR Staff will be more than happy to assist you, in case you require any extra help!

I hope this helps!

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