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help me assess if jr pass is worth for my itinerary!

Help me assess if JR pass is worth for my itinerary!

Hello experts,

I am wondering whether JR pass could cover all transportation!! Should I buy anymore kinds of pass?

My itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo @Narita Airport

Day 2: Exploring Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market, Hama Rikyu, Asakusa, and Tokyo National Museum

Day 3: More of Tokyo

Edo-Tokyo Museum, Akihabara, Oriental Bazaar, Shinjuku's Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, Kabuki-cho.

Day 4: Nikko

Day 5: Takayama & the Japan Alps

Day 6: Exploring Takayama

Miyagawa Morning Market, Hida Folk Village, Hirata Folk Art Museum, Historical Government House

Day 7: Exploring and overnight at Shirakawa-go

Days 8: Kanazawa

Day 10: Mount Koya

Days 11, 12 & 13: Kyoto

Day 14: Hiroshima

Himeji, Peace Memorial Park.

Day 15: Tokyo, and go home

Thanks a lot for your help.


Hello there,

I think that the JR Pass would work very well for your itinerary. Here's a list of ticket prices to see how much savings you'd be able to make.

Tokyo - Nikko ¥ 5,580
Nikko - Takayama 19,100
Kanazawa - Osaka (for Mount Koya) ¥ 7,650
Osaka - Kyoto ¥ 560
Kyoto - Hiroshima ¥ 11,090
Hiroshima - Tokyo ¥ 18,560
Tokyo - Narita Airport ¥ 3,020

For a total of ¥ 65,560 the 14 day JR Pass is ¥ 46,390, so you'd make ¥ 19,170 in savings at the very least. This is excluding local travel in Tokyo and other places, in addition to costs you'd make for stops on the way such as at Himeji, so your savings would probably be higher.

Hope this helps,

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Hell Daniel,

Thanks a lot.

I definitely would go with JR pass.
Additionally, I would like to know what the best solution for local transportation inside Tokyo and other places, such as Takayama and Kyoto. Is it worth to get a digital card or region pass together with JR pass?



Hello Daniel,

I am sorry that I meant "hello" instead of "hell".

Sorry for typo.


Hi again!

Don't worry about the Typo, happens to me all the time!

As for local transport, pick up an IC card such as Suica or ICOCA. These are prepaid travel cards and you swipe them over the ticket gate each time you enter and exit the station. Traveling like this saves you a lot of time from buying normal tickets and generally speeds things up a lot.

There's also a 500yen all day bus pass in Kyoto worth considering, a normal bus trip is 230 yen, so its very easy to make savings. (Public transport in Kyoto is mainly done by bus).

Hope this helps :)

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Hello Daniel-san,

Thanks again for your kind support.

I will consider day bus pass in Kyoto + IC Card in Tokyo + JR pass.

One small question: I will arrive in Tokyo on 18-Apr-2015, and depart from there on 02-May-2015.
If I activate 14-day JR pass on 18-Apr-2015 to go from Narita airport to the central of Tokyo, is it the JR pass still valid on 02-May-2015 to return to Narita?



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