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helo with the jrp. when to activate

Helo with the JRP. When to activate


We are flying to Narita next August spending 10 days in Japan. We will visit Tokio, Kioto and Nara. It's clear that we are going to get and JRP. But i have some doubts. Let me pass you our plans and, please, help and recomend me how to do it with transport.

1st day (arriving around 7pm) we ll need the trip from Narita terminal 2 to Shinjuku.
2nd day Tokio.
3rd day Tokyo.
4th day Tokyo-Kioto
5th to 7th-Kioto including half day visit to Nara.
8th day- Kioto-Tokio
9th- Tokio
10th- leaving tokyo around 18/19 h to Narita.

My plan is getting a 7 days Jrp. The most expensive tríps aré Tokio-Kioto and Kyoto-Tokio (and nara visit).I Think jrp includes the narita express to, right? As it s not possible to cover al las it is 7 days long, I think to fix the first jrp day for the 4th, for the Tokio-Kioto day. In that case, the Tokio(from Tokio station)-narita will be included, won't be? Do i have to be careful with times or al the 7th day of use is included?

Other questions:

Best way to arrive to shinjuku from narita, without jrp?

Arent there Direct trains (shinkasen) from shinjuku to kyoto? Do i need to make a transfer?

Jrp includes the yamamoto (circule) line in tokyo ?

in advance


Hi there,

I agree with your assessment. Using the 7 day JR Pass from day 4 to day 10 would work the best and give the you the best possible savings. This way the Narita Express back to Narita is also included and you can also use the JR Pass on the local JR network in Tokyo, such as on the Yamanote line.

There are no Shinkansen departing from Shinjuku, take a local train to either Shinagawa or Tokyo stations and use the Shinkansen from there to Kyoto.

Hope this helps,

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