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hayabusha sendai-hakodate

Hayabusha Sendai-Hakodate

Dear Assistance,

Is the Hayabusa Shinkansen inluded in the rail pass between Hakodate - Sendai ? And the Hayate on the same route?

2 -Is the rail pass valid for Komachi, Yamabiko, Hayabusha Shinkansen trains in between Sendai and Tokyo?

3- Is the seat reservation obligatory for Hayabusha trains in between Hakodate and Sendai?

How can I reserve a seat? Can I do it online?

4 - What is the approximate cost of a seat reservation in between Hakodate-Sendai for one person on a Hayabusha train iif I have a rail pass? (normal seat)

5 - What happens if I do not make seat reservation (I arrive to Hakodate and Japan just a day before my Hayabusha travel to Sendai) and there are no more seats on the Hayabusha. Can I travel?

6- My travel date from Hakodate to Sendai is Jun 23 evening. Is it a busy period?

Best regards,


Hello Attila,

1.) Yes, both are included.

2.) Yes, all are included too.

3.) Yes, the Hayabusa needs a reservation beforehand. Here is how to make seat reservations.

4.) Seat reservations are free with the JR Pass.

5.) Seats rarely sell out, most trains have about 1,000seats and you can always take the next train if fully booked.

6.) No, not particularly. Busy periods are new year, goldenweek and Obon.

Hope this helps,

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