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Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone could advise if I should get the 7-days JR pass and the Fuji-Hakone pass?
I would really appreciate on your advises.

10th April Friday, From Haneda International Airport 6.30am To Kyoto
11th April Saturday, From Kyoto To Osaka, and From Osaka to Kyoto, 1-day trip
12th April Sunday, Kyoto
13th April Monday, From Kyoto To Kawaguchi
14th April Tuesday, From Kawaguchi To Hakone
15th April Wednesday, From Hakone To Asakusa
16th April Thursday, Asakusa
17th April Friday, Asakusa
18th April Saturday, From Asakusa To Nikko, and From Nikko to Asakusa, 1-day trip
19th April Sunday, From Asakusa to Haneda Internation Airport 11.50pm

Thank you.
Samantha Chew

A 7 day pass would pay off, but you should rearrange your schedule to go to Nikko on April 16 to use the JR Pass. There will be fewer people on a weekend also. Asakusa has some good places, but it's unclear why you are limiting yourself there. There are many good places to see. You might look through:

And if you have any interest in seeing Japanese youth with their wild fashions, head on over to Harajuku on a Sunday afternoon.

For seeing cherry blossoms, check out:


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