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haneda to kyoto

Haneda to Kyoto

Hi, I have a few questions about using the train to get from Haneda Airport to Kyoto:

I will be arriving at Haneda airport at 5:30 am on Tuesday 23 August, and plan to travel straight to Kyoto by train. I will be leaving Kyoto on 28th August for Tokyo. And then leaving Tokyo for Haneda airport on the 30th August.

  • is the easiest way to get from Haneda to Kyoto to get The Keikyu Airport Express from Haneda int'l terminal to Shinagawa (no change of trains / about 20 minutes). And then catch the shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto at Shinagawa?

  • do I need to book a specific train, or can I just catch the next one that comes along; and are they frequent (will I have to wait very long between trains - where can I seethe schedule?)

  • I don't plan on doing allot of train travel other than the trips listed above. Is it worth me getting a JR pass, since my trip is actually 8 days (I presume I'll need a 14 day pass?). Would it be cheaper / Is it possible to purchase the tickets I need individually at the stations?

  • If I purchase a JR pass, will I be able to collect it at Haneda airport that early in the morning (it will probably be more like 6:30 am by the time we collect luggage etc)?

  • Is there a green car from Shinagawa to Kyoto - or should i just purchase an ordinary pass?

Thank you for your help.


Hi there,

First off, I see that you'll arrive early at Haneda Airport. The JR Pass exchange station options at 7:45-18:30, so you would have to wait a little before travelling on or exchange the JR Pass at Tokyo. The Keikyu is not covered by the JR Pass, so its not a big problem (though you can use the Tokyo Monorail for free to travel into Tokyo).

From reading your travel, I think a 7 day JR Pass would be perfect, as you can use it to make the return from Tokyo to Kyoto and back and cover all long distance travel with it.

There are plenty of Green Cars between Tokyo and Kyoto but most travellers are fine in ordinary class.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much.

Is it possible to buy a ticket at Tokyo station for the bullet train to Kyoto that morning (instead of having to wait for the JR Pass office to open), and what would the cost be; is there a timetable for the trains?


Hi again,

Yes, thats possible. You can use to search for Fares and time tables.

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