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haneda airport-osaka-kyoto-tokyo

haneda airport-osaka-kyoto-tokyo

hi will be travelling to japan for first time with family with small kid of 3 yr old. planning to stay japan for 8 days. arriving haneda airport in the morning. bought JR pass for 7 days. I am thinking to travel Kyoto or Osaka directly from haneda airport. which will be the best to go first Osaka or Kyoto? please help me decide in terms of travel and convenient time. please help me to locate hotels near JR lines in those places. thinking to spend 4 days in total in Osaka and Kyoto. planning to return to Tokyo on 5th day with JR lines. please help me to choose JR line from those places. and at last Tokyo hotels near to JR lines please


Hello there,

Both Kyoto and Osaka are easy to visit once you are in Tokyo. The Shinkansen will take you there directly and both cities are very close. In fact Kyoto is first and the next stop is Osaka. So the order in which you visit them does not matter so much.

Most people spend a bit more time in Kyoto because there's a lot of culture and tradition to be found, which makes for a good change for the busy metropolitan life found in Tokyo and Osaka. Even so Osaka is also a great place to visit, great places to visit with a family include the Osaka Aquarium and Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

Looking at hotels, it's hard to give specific recommendations as we all have our own wishes and budget. In general I would advise using booking websites that allow you to read reviews from fellow travelers. This will give you the best impression of the property. In Tokyo it's smart to look at hotels that are located near the JR Yamanote loop line and in Osaka near Osaka station (Umeda) or near Namba/Shinsaibashi.

Hope this helps,

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