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hamamatsucho to asakusa by jr

Hamamatsucho to Asakusa by JR

I will be staying at Shiba Park Hotel near Hamamatsucho Station.

(1) I would like to visit the Sensoji Temple at Asakusa - any direct route on the JR Line to take me there?

(2) I can see from a map that there is a Daimon station nearby on the Asakusa Metro line - will this also take me there? Will the JR pass cover this?

(3) How about the water bus? I can see a Water Bus Station at Asakusa but not sure how to catch it from Hamamatsucho.

Grateful for your advice.


Hello there,

1 & 2.) There is no JR station in Asakusa. The best way to travel there is to take the JR Yamanote line to Ueno station and from there take the Tokyo metro to Asakusa. The JR Pass does not cover the metro.You could walk from Ginza station, however this is about a 30minute walk.

3.) The Waterbus travels between Asakusa and various stops in Odaiba. You could have to travel first to Odaiba before boading the water bus. This trip is very nice to make but not included in the JR Pass. More information can be found here.

Hope this helps,

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Thankyou Daniel, very useful. You have given me an idea - I shall take train there but return by water bus. It will be an interesting day outing. Much appreciated.


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