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hakata to other parts of fukuoka

Hakata to other parts of Fukuoka

Will be staying in Hakata, Hotel Nikko which is supposed to be right across from JR Hakata Station. We were thinking is it ok to stay at this hotel and use the JR pass to travel for the day to and from Hita and Beppu and Kumamoto. I did a Hyperdia Train search and noticed that Nagasaki is way too far away so that will have to be another trip. What do you think about our plan to stay in Hakata and use the JR line to make day trips to these three locations. If have have other suggestions that would also be appreciated. This is our first time traveling to Fukuoka.


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I've found Fukuoka a ver nice to stay in. The city is less busy than say Tokyo but everything can be found there.

It's 116 Minutes from Fukuoka to Nagasaki, so you can certainly visit it as a day trip.

Be sure to use Hakata station when traveling from Fukuoka, Fukuoka station is somewhere completely different.

I would also advise a visit to Dazaifu, it's a very nice place to visit close to Fukuoka.

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Your plan looks fine, but it is unclear what your interest in Hita is. As mentioned above, Nagasaki is far more interesting and offers a lot of variety. An overnight in Nagasaki would be better, but it can be done as a day trip if you start very early and return late.
For Fukuoka, one place you should not miss is the Nanzoin Temple about 20 minutes by train from Hakata Stn - it's free, beautiful, and even humorous in many places; plus the Great Buddha is stunning:

You can get a lot of other good sightseeing places and cheaper places to stay on:

Be sure to try the tonkotsu ramen, and mentaiko (spiced salmon roe) while there.
Within the city, you might look into a subway day pass or Fukuoka Tourist City Pass

Beppu has some of the best hot springs on Kyushu, as well as its Hell Tour and a nearby monkey park: Kumamoto is famous for its castle, but don't miss the Suizenji Garden, one of Japan's finest.



Thanks for the very helpful suggestions for places and things to do while we visit Fukuoka. I was told that there are very good Onsen located in Hita. Have never been to one so that was the only reason I indicated Hita. If you know of other area's that are closer to Hakata that have good Onsen please give me the details. How close is Beppu to Hakata since you indicated good Hot Springs. Only 3 full days in Hakata not counting the first day (Monday) because we are flying in from Kansai and the 5th day (Friday) because we will have to catch the Shinkansen back to Osaka. Basically I'm looking at all day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as our 3 full days in Hakata. I understand that you can't do and see it all in 3 days. I'd like you to give me a 3 day itinerary if that is possible and using Hakata as our base. The Nikko Hotel is right there at the Hakata Station so that is good.


The thing about Kyushu is that there are great hot springs all over the island. So naturally Hiko has some but there are some good ones much closer, and others that are much better.
Beppu is about 105 minutes from Hakata; the fastest way is to take a bullet train to Kokura and then an express train to Beppu.
There are five major areas with hot springs in northen Kyushu. Here they are:
1) Beppu
Pros: Lots of variety, not just the hot springs. You can also see the Hells Tour in a couple hours, as well as the Monkey Park/Aquarium, plus mountaintop view from Mt. Tsurumi.
Cons: A bit touristy, and looking a bit dated from its 60s & 70s heyday.
2) Yufuin
Pros: Very quiet, tranquil, some hiking available
Cons: May be relaxing or....dull 3) Takeo (Saga)
Pros: Relatively unknown except to the locals; no tourist hordes
Cons: A bit of trouble to get to
4) Kurokawa (Kumamoto)
Pros: The most beautiful by far; forest scenery & outdoor baths
Cons: Troublesome to reach, no rail access. 5) Futsukaichi (Fukuoka)
Pros: Very close to Fukuoka, 1300 year history; relatively unknown and uncrowded Cons: Satisfying but not the best by any means.

Closer still are a few in/near Fukuoka. The Fukuoka link has some good listings, as well as a great 1 day itinerary you can follow to see Fukuoka City.
There are also hot springs for Fukuoka listed at:

So for just 3 full days, I'd spend one day to see Fukuoka, one day as a day trip to Nagasaki, and 1 day as your choice for hot springs. Since you have a rail pass, one possibility is using it to go to Hita if you like, take a spring there, and then catch a bus from there to Kurokawa. And...if you can possible squeeze it in on the day you arrive or leave Japan, take a short trip to Kumamoto if time permits. By bullet train it's less than 40 minutes from Hakata Stn.


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