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green seats? (first class)

Green seats? (first class)

Does the JRpass give you reserved seats in the first class cabin or just regular seating?


Ok I just answered my own question. I see you can buy a green seat JR pass.

So, now my question is is the pass worth is for our travel.

11/3 Narita to Tokyo
11/4 Tokyo to Kyoto
11/6 Kyoto to Tokyo
11/10 Narita to Tokyo

Not sure we will get our moneys work with these with the JRpass?? Other suggestions? My husband has business in Tokyo the 7-10.



Hehe - good stuff!

In general, a 7 day pass will pay for itself with a return trip from Tokyo to Kyoto/Osaka. If this is the bulk of your travel I would recommend you use a standard class Japan Rail Pass rather than Green Car class as there are not many Green Car equipped Shinkansen bullet trains between Tokyo and Kyoto for you to use. By going for a JR Pass for your travel you won't save a huge amount based on your listed itinerary (in the realm of ¥2000), but it will mean that you can do any further JR travel for free, such as a day trip to Nikko while you are in Tokyo, and use of the rail pass on the JR lines around Tokyo.

Timing wise, I think you should am to activate your 7 day pass on the 4th. For the trip into Tokyo from Narita I recommend you purchase either the Keisei Skyliner + Metro Pass or Narita Express + SUICA card deal to get you into town and also give you discounted travel around the city on the metro as a backup to your JR pass coverage.

Hope this helps!

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