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green pass for visiting japan the first time

Green Pass for visiting Japan the first time

[1] On May 17, 2016, I am arriving at Osaka - Kansai around 1300 Hrs and want to leave for Tokyo immediately. [2] On May 18th I want to use the Pass for Local travel in Tokyo [3] On May 19th , I want to leave for Hiroshima and see Fuji San from the train . [4] May 19th arrive in Hiroshima and do local travel with the Pass [5] May 20th do a Day trip of Nagasaki [6] May 21st Check out of Hiroshima to Kyoto [7] May 22 Day trip to Osaka [8] May 23 Day trip to Nara ( 7th day of Pass) [9] May 24, 25 Local at Kyoto (without Pass)

My Questions are :

[1] Since I can't use Nozomi am I missing out in the famous Shinkansen travel ? [2] Is it worth while buying a Green Pass or the ordinary one is better or is better to buy local tickets. [3] Can I use the Pass for Local travel in Tokyo ? In Hiroshima? In Nagasaki? In Osaka? [4] Can I reserve seats in Advance ? Which web site ? [5] Will these sectors be crowded ? [6] What do I do after getting off the plane at Osaka Kansai with my JapanRail Green pass ?

Thank you


Hi there,

1.) Not al all! You can use the Hikari or Kodama Shinkansen instead. These are the same trains but stop at more stations.

2.) Since you are going all the way down to Nagasaki, I do think that it would be worth it to consider traveling by Green Class.

3.) The JR Pass is valid on local JR lines as will, this is very useful in Tokyo in Osaka, in Kyoto and Nagasaki these are limited but you can use the JR Pass on the ferry to Miyajima and Hiroshima sightseeing bus.

4.) Seats can be reserved in advance in person at any JR Station. [Find out more here[(

5.) Japan is always busy :)

6.) You can activate it at Kansai Airport, just go to the JR station. You can't miss it.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel. A few more clarifications please.

[1] If the trains are crowded - can I travel "standing" and wait for the next station to get a seat ? Can I have the ticket examiner get me a vacant seat ? Am I expected to wait for the next train ? What interval is the next train in the Osaka / Tokyo section or in the Hiroshima Nagasaki section?

[2] Can you give me some more details for my 1st segment Osaka Kansai to Tokyo Shinjuku please? As a first timer , I find the website / Rail Time Table rather intimidating !
After getting my JR Pass validated at the Kansai JR Station around say 1500 Hrs what do I do? Do I go to Shin Osaka ? How do I go there ? Will I get a Shinkansen at Shin Osaka ? Will it have seats? Do I need to visit a counter once again? Where do I get down ? at what time ?Another train to Shinjuku ? What time will it take me ? What time will I reach ?

Will appreciate details for the 1st segment - I will work out the balance myself once I get to know the ropes.

Thanks Daniel


Hi again,

Sorry for the delay in response. I have replied in your new topic.

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