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green car tickets

Green car tickets

in case we purchase Green class tickets do we have to always have a seat reservation or are there non reserved green class wagons ? As we are traveling during the Obon period we were told that it is better to have the green car tickets because the trains are very crowded (we are a family of four people). Is it correct ?

Thank you in advance


Hi there,

Green seats always require a reservation up front, this is generally no problem and can be done up to 5 minutes before departure.

During Obon it can generally be hard to get tickets, Ordinary or Green and it is best to make seat reservations a day or two in advance. Green Class is travelled less frequently and using a Green Pass may give you a better chance of reserving a seat on short notice. However to best way to get tickets is to reserve them a couple of days in advance.

Hope this helps!

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