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green car / first class vs. standard rail pass, 7 day or 14 day pass

Green Car / First Class vs. Standard Rail Pass, 7 day or 14 day pass

Hi There,

My husband and I will be traveling to Japan from May 16-28 and have questions about our itinerary and the rail pass. We are so excited for this trip and would appreciate your help!


Is it worth it price wise to get a Rail Pass and if so, should we get a 7 day or 14 day pass?

Is it worth it to buy a first class rail pass considering our train rides?

What is the earliest train we can take from Tokyo to Kyoto and how long does it take?

Would you recommend changing the itinerary at all? Our flight can't be changed and must arrive to and depart from Haneda.

Here is our itinerary. We are open to suggestions:

May 16- arrive Tokyo Haneda
May 17- Tokyo to Kyoto (spend 2 nights)
May 18- Kyoto - Nara - Kyoto
We would like to see moneys somewhere
May 19- Kyoto to Osaka (spend night)
May 20- Osaka - Hiroshima taking the ferry to/from Miyajima - Osaka (spend night)
May 20- Osaka (spend night)
May 21- Osaka (spend night)
We would like to go to Koyasan one day

May 22- Osaka to Tokyo (spend 6 nights)
May 23- Tokyo- Sumo
May 24- Tokyo
May 25- Tokyo
May 26- Tokyo - Yokohama - Tokyo
May 27- Tokyo
May 28- Depart Haneda

**Sorry I posted this under the wrong category at first (itinerary check)

Thank you!!


I meant that we would like to see monkeys somewhere, not "moneys."


Hello there,

I think a 7 day JR Pass is perfect for your travel. By using it from May 17th - May 23rd you can cover all of your otherwise expensive travel.

I've made a list of normal ticket prices below:

Tokyo - Kyoto ¥ 13,800
Kyoto - Osaka ¥ 560
Osaka - Hiroshima ¥ 10,430
Hiroshima - Miyajima (return, including ferry) ¥ 1,380
Hiroshima - Osaka ¥ 10,430
Osaka - Tokyo ¥ 14,340

For a total of ¥ 50,940 or ¥ 21,830 as the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,100.

As for visiting monkeys, Arashiyama near Kyoto is great! I would certainly recommend a visit there, there are also beautiful temples in the area. Also nice to know if that you can use the JR Pass for travel from Kyoto station to Arashiyama.

Hope this helps!

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