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gotenba to kawaguchiko

gotenba to kawaguchiko

I check in the hotel route inn gotenba and want to go to mt.fuji 5 th. Station by use the route this hotel - kawaguchiko station.please tell me .
1)where is the station in gotenba , I get the ticket to go to kawaguchiko station.
2)Can I buy the ticket from kawaguchiko station to mt.fuji 5 th., the suitable bus company or tour.
3)or Where I can buy the ticket from gotenba to mt.fuji 5 th.,what bus company or tour.
4)I will go to mt.fuji on 10 dec. 2014
Thanks you very much.


Hi there,

1.) I am not sure about your question, Gotemba is a very small place and you can't mis the station.

2 and 3.) Yes, there is a tourist information which speaks different languages at Kawaguchiko station. I'd advise asking there for the tickets.

4.) Fuji is often obscured in the clouds during the winter. I would make a backup plan to do something else in the area if case you can't find Fuji.

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