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going to nara

Going to Nara

First of all I want to tank you, Daniel san, for your help on planning my trip in Japan by train.

1- I intend to go to Nara after Kyoto (Kyoto/Nara/Kyoto). Is it possible use the JRP in this way?
If yes, please, help me as you did before with my trip Tokyo/Kyoto/Tokyo .
If no, give me all the not expensive options . Are there trains in the afternoon to return to Kyoto?

2- And to go to Hakone (Tokyo/Hakone/Tokyo) , can I use JRP?

3- If I buy green line (I think it is first class) should I reserve my seat and pay an additional for it ?

Many thanks.


Hi Suely and welcome back!

1.) Travel between Nara and Kyoto is included in the JR Pass. Trains depart very frequently (at least once per 20minutes) and take between 60-90 minutes, the also run until pretty late in the evening.

2.) Yes, the JR Pass also covers travel to Hakone. The Shinkansen station for Hakone is named Odawara, so be sure to take the train to Odawara station.

3.) If you want to travel Green Class (which is indeed 1st class), please buy a JR Green Class Pass, this is much cheaper than buying an upgrade once you are in Japan.

Hope this helps!

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