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getting to namba subway station from jr namba station

Getting to Namba Subway Station from JR Namba Station

Hello all and thank you for reading my post. I will be travelling from Kanazawa to Osaka in May staying at Kaneyoshi Ryokan in Dontonbori. Would you please help me to figure out how to get from the JR Namba Station to the Namba Subway Station Exit #14? Apparently it is then a 7 minute walk to the Ryokan. Thanks so much.


Hello there,

Have a look at this map, I think that it can give you an idea of the route. I've made the transfer quite a lot as well but it's basically just following the signs to either the subway or JR station.

If you really are lazy, just take a taxi when you exit the subway. This way you don't have to carry your luggage through the crowds, additionally you most likely not pay more than the base fare because of the distance.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel-san, you are always so very helpful. I might just choose being lazy!


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