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getting around Japan

Hi ,
Appreciate if you can help me, I am buying JR pass 7 days , I understand that some might not be covered by the JR pass, can guide me on how can I get to :

  1. Tokyo to Kawaguchiko (Fuji Five Lakes)
    2) Kawaguchiko (Fuji Five Lakesi) to Kyoto
    3) Kyoto to Tokyo

Your help is very much appreciated :)



Hi Maria,

As you already know, part of the way to Fuji is not covered by the JR Pass. Traveling from Tokyo - Kawaguchiko, take local services to Otsuki station using the JR Pass. At Otsuki station buy a normal ticket to Kawaguchiko for the Fujikyu line. Here's a full route.

From Kawaguchiko - Kyoto. Take the Fujikyu line back to Otsuki, from there use local trains to either Tokyo or Shin-Yokohama stations, from where you can use the bullet train directly to Tokyo.

Kyoto and Tokyo are directly connected on the Shinkansen (bullet trains). Also see:

Hope you find this useful,

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