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general jr pass query

General JR Pass query

My partner just ordered the 21 Day First Class Pass but we are concerned that the details don't include our middle names like in our passport. Will this be an issue or is the first name and last name sufficient enough?

Our previous questions have been answered in this post but no response to our answer so I'm asking a new question.

Our travel arrangements have fallen through but we would like to know if we can use the JRPass on the buses during our Kumano Kodo hike? Or we just use the normal local buses?

We plan on activating the JRPass on the 2nd day that we're in Osaka (10/05/2013) and to purchase the Haruka+ICOCA deal to get into Osaka upon arrival.

09/05/13 Osaka - Arrive
10/05/13 Osaka
11/05/13 Tanabe
12/05/13 Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage - Day 1 (Tsugizakura-oji)
13/05/13 Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage - Day 2 (Kumano Hongu Taisha)
14/05/13 Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage - Day 3 (Koguchi)
15/05/13 Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage - Day 4 (Kumano Nachi Taicha)
16/05/13 Kyoto
17/05/13 Kyoto
18/05/13 Kyoto
19/05/13 Kyoto
20/05/13 Kyoto
21/05/13 Hiroshima
22/05/13 Hiroshima
23/05/13 Tokyo
24/05/13 Tokyo
25/05/13 Tokyo
26/05/13 Tokyo
27/05/13 Tokyo
28/05/13 Tokyo
29/05/13 Osaka
30/05/13 - Depart




Hi Thien,

The JR Pass only needs first and last names (middle names are not required by JR) so you should be fine.

For the buses along the Kumano Kodo route you'll need to use non-JR local buses. These shouldn't be too expensive however. Aside from that it looks like you are all set for your trip! (Good idea to activate on the 10th)

Hope this helps!

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