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fukuoka airport :

Fukuoka airport :

I am arriving at FUKUOKA airport. and travel for 3 weeks seeing Osaka Kyoto and TOKYO areas by train .. I am planning JR west pass to OSAKA ,, Osaka area pass to Kyoto .. and 7 DAY JR pass to end.. . Can i use JR Pass on trains at HAKATA to reduce so many passes. As i read some trains not valid.. and is there A JR PASS rail Map of validity lines.


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Here's a interactive map with all lines covered.

You can indeed use the JR Pass for travel from Hakata to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. You may not need any other pass, depending on what additional travel you may do.

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As mentioned, it depends a lot on 1) your schedule and 2) your destinations. The JR West Sanyo-San'in Area Pass is a 5 day, ¥19,000 yen pass. But the regular fare between Fukuoka and Shin-Osaka at its lowest is ¥14,480 - so you'd need to ride the difference to make it worth getting the pass. You could use it to go to Kyoto as well (though not by bullet train), but you'd still need to ride more than that.
It's unlikely any pass would be worthwhile for just going from Osaka to Kyoto. And a 7 day JR Pass would not be worth it going only from the Kansai Area to Tokyo one-way.

Depending on where you go and for how long, a 14 day JR Pass and perhaps even a 21 day pass might make more sense. You can see regular fares, routes and schedules on Hyperdia. But be sure under "More Options" to deselect "Nozomi..." since you can't ride that on the Pass. That's about the only main one you have to worry about in choosing a train if you have the pass.

If you need more places to go to make a pass worthwhile, there is no shortage of them. Himeji Castle is Japan's finest and well worth seeing. Hiroshima/Miyajima are both excellent destinations. The Todaiji Great Buddha is superb, and Nara has a lot to offer. Onomichi with its temple tour and Kosanji Temple is spectacular. Near Miyajima also lies Iwakuni with its historical bridge and mountaintop castle. And to the north of Tokyo is Nikko, plus there are many other good places to add value like Kamakura, Izu, Kusatsu, and Karuizawa.

Do more research, and you should be able to put together a fantastic trip.


thanks for your great reply : Arriving at FUKUOKA airport . i plan to stay TAKAMATSU (Shikoku) and travel on trains from there. going on to KYOTO to ride local and private lines and cable cars ,, after about 10 days return to HAKATA Can i make (or is it nessesary) to reserve a HIGH SPEED train BEFORE a JR pass becomes valid as i understand a 7 day pass expires after 7 days when got locally .. I may have time to travel DAY TRIP to TOKYO as the trains travel in a few hours as an adventure. and maybe travel SUNSET SETO if not much extra. Thanx


There seems to be a lot of confusing points in your post. First you write you will go to Takamatsu and start riding the trains from there. So you will fly from Fukuoka to Takamatsu? I don't know of any non-stop flights for that route, and flying by way of Tokyo or Osaka would be very expensive.
As far as a JR Pass goes, you cannot buy it locally - you must buy the exchange order for it before you arrive in Japan. And you can't reserve a seat without a ticket or a pass already in hand. If you travel from Kansai to Tokyo, then back down to Hakata in one day, you'd have very little time in Tokyo itself.


Good day i am frustrated by your answer .: Day 1 arrive FUKUOKO airport. I recomend this as best airport to arrive for SOUTH Japan I stay short time HAKATA .. Travel by train to TAKAMATSU stay 5 days Travel on Shiikosu lines (seen on NHK world tv) take a day train to KYOTO stay 5 days travel on trains there ( seen on NHK WORLD TV ) and tram / Cable cars . going on to near Tokyo would like to travel on trains near mount FUJi I would then find trains Back to HAKATA before departure. I would like to avoid TOKYO Rail Station as it has several levels and looks difficult . I find (and maybe wrong, ) JR Pass is costs too much. I think Local train passes would be more easier to use and bourght localy. But I'm not the Guide !!! I believe JAPAN has the best Rail network in the WORLD


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