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fujikyu highland to kyoto

Fujikyu Highland to Kyoto

Hi guys,

Just trying to get myself all organised and ready for our trip to Japan in the next coming month, and I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to get from Mt Fuji to Kyoto. We will be departing from Kawaguchiko station and from there we are trying to make our way to Gion Shijo, in Kyoto. What is the easiest, simplest, and least headachey way of getting there, and the best in terms of making the most out of our JR Pass!

:) Erica.

Hi Erica,

The best way to travel from Kawaguchiko - Kyoto with the JR Pass is to travel to Shin-Yokohama station and board the Shinkansen from there directly to Kyoto.

Here is an example route.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel!! Thank you so much for coming to me rescue in terms of answering my Japan questions again!! :)...

I have another question... which I hope you can help answer... In Mt Fuji we are staying at the Resort Inn Yoshinoso ( It says to access the hotel from Kawaguchiko station you take a Fuji Kyuko bus bound for Fuji-San and hop off at Ippongi Bus Stop (Or at least this is what I assume it is saying...).. In the review section someone stated that there is a bus that goes to and from the station during the day time.. I have tried to find this 'Bus' that stops at the 'Ippongi' bus stop and cannot find anything of the sort via Google :(!!

I did, however, find this website: Which looks to me... like the official website of the Inn.... as the picture of the building on the 'Guide' page is the exact same used in the Japanican page.. and the phone numbers are the same? On the website it has an 'Access' page however the chart on how to get there is all in Japanese.. and even with Google Translate on it stays in Japanese :(... Is there any way you can help me figure out how to get to my resort?!?!

Thanks for all your help again Daniel!


H Erica! Welcome back :)

I guess that you'll have to learn a little Japanese as the timetable I found is only available in Japanese.
HERE it is.

The stop which you are looking for is 一本木(ippongi). You'll be coming from Kawaguchiko station which is 河口湖駅.

Lastly the station for Shin-Fuji is 新富士駅.

You'll be interested in the 2nd part of the time table for your arrival as this is the line from Kawaguchiko - Shin Fuji. The 1st timetable can be used for travel back to Kawaguchiko station.

Hope this helps!

PS: the website you found seems to be the same. The adress 山梨県南都留郡鳴沢村 also matches to Narusawa-mura Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi.

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AHH :)!!! Who needs google when I have you, Daniel-San!!!!!!! You are amazing!!!!

I was beginning to think that this bus and this bus stop were fake and the Inn and travel agent just wanted my money!!! Haha!

:) I will write myself a little sign with the name of the stop, because I don't think my Australian accent will translate as well. Thank you so very much Daniel!!

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