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from osaka to hakone

From Osaka to Hakone


In May we will be travelling between Osaka and Hakone. Now, I understand we can use the JR pass up to Odawara and we then need to take a non JR train.

My question is: can we buy train tickets in Osaka for Odawara-Hakone, or do we need to purchase them at Odawara?

We will be staying at a hotel near the station in Hakone Yumoto, and only for 1 night. Is it still recommendable to buy the Hakone free pass, of will a train ticket suffice?

Thank you for your advice!



Hello Serra,

Travel within Hakone is mostly done by companies other than JR, such as Fujikyu rail and Odakyu rail. JR does not sell tickets for these companies and it would mean buying local tickets in Hakone.

As for the Hakone Free Pass, it completely depends on what you plan to do within Hakone. If you want to make the circle tour, than certainly. If you plan on visiting only a specific spot or two, then normal tickets are better.

Hope this helps,

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