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from narita/haneda airport to shin-osaka/osaka?

From Narita/Haneda airport to Shin-Osaka/Osaka?

Hi, I'ld like to check, which is more accessible or easier to take Shinkansen from Narita or Haneda airport to Shin-Osaka or Osaka area? After staying at Osaka area, I'll be going to Tokyo, the JR pass can be used for the transportation from Osaka to Toyko rite? Sorry for the 'confusing qs' cos this is my 1st trip to Japan, and I totally dun have any leads on how to start my itinerary. Thanks. :)


Hi there,

There's honestly not much difference. Haneda is about 30min faster to reach from Tokyo but has one transfer, while Narita is direct (with the Narita Express) but takes a bit longer and also costs more.

Both are pretty easy though and it is not something to worry about :)

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