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from narita to kyoto

From Narita to Kyoto

Hello, can you please help me with these:

I bought a JR Pass. Can I activate it in Narita Therminal 1 and the use it from Narita to Kyoto without paying any extras? I'll arrive at Narita at 8.00 h AM.

From Kyoto to Tokyo with JR, can I arrive to Shinjuku staition? My Hotel is not far from this station.

Thank you so muvh
Isabel Pinho

Hi there!

Yes you can travel all the way from Narita Airport to Kyoto without any extra fees!
Here is an example itinerary from Narita Airport to Kyoto.

Also the route (back) to Tokyo and Shinjuku is also fully covered.

Here is an example route for Tokyo --> Shinjuk.

Enjoy Japan!

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Thank you Daniel.

As I'm staying 4 days in Tokyo without the JR Pass (Hotel close to Shinjuku station), do you advise me to buy at Narita the Keisei Skyliner and two days metro tickets?
I'm not sure if Keisei Skyliner leaves from Shijuku. Is JR ticket to Narita less expensive than Keisei Skyliner ticket?

Thank you

Hi Isabel,

The Keisei Liner offers very good value with the Metro tickets. However I do think that the Narita Express is much more convenient for you, as a number of Narita Express trains directly serve Shinjuku, the Keisei liner only goes to Ueno and it can be a bit of a trip from there to Shinjuku.

I would recommend that you buy a Narita Express + Suica package as it offers great value too and the Suica card is usable on all kinds of other transportation like the Tokyo Metro.

Hope this helps,

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Note: Here is the best route if you do take the Keisei Skyliner to Shinjuku.

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Thank you Daniel, you helped me a lot.

Another thing, Daniel, if I buy Suica & N'EX, one way, may I take the JR train from Shinjuku to Narita or not?
I read this:

"The special-value one-way ticket can be used to board the Narita Express and travel to any JR East station in the Designated Tokyo Train Interval, the yellow area on the map. Riders may get off the train along the route as long as they do not exit from the ticket gate."

Thank you

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