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from kinosakionsen to kyoto by jr hashidate

From Kinosakionsen to Kyoto by JR Hashidate

Hi, guys!
I will be visiting a few places and now trying to starting the route and all.

Right now I'm stuck at Kinosakionsen. According to the information, the fastest train that takes me to Kyoto will be the JR Hashidate which I believed is a limited express train.

However, when I checked on the website regarding train that is covered by the JR Kansai Wide area pass, this line is not mentioned.

So right now I'm wondering, will the pass get me board the train? Or is there any other ticket I need to purchase?

I would love to express gratitude to anyone that can help me out.


Hi there!

You should be fine as far as I know, the JR Kansai Wide pass covers the train routes and all trains traveling on it. You could of course always ask the tourist information at Kinosaki-Onsen to confirm this.

I think that you are completely fine and even if the JR Hashidate does not work, there are enough other trains such as the Konotori or Kinosaki Express.

Hope this helps!

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thanks a lot Daniel.

I specifically mentioned JR Hashidate because it is the fastest route.


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