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from haneda airport to osaka

From Haneda Airport to Osaka

i used hyperdia to plan this travel route out for JR pass, seems that we have a bus to take. can you help me understand what is this bus and how to take it.

i also read older posts that indicated travel from haneda to osaka would be about 3 hrs or so, seems like it is now 4+hrs.

are there any other route via JR to arrive faster. We arrive at Haneda airport from Asahikawa at 3:10 pm.



You can take a bus if you wish, but you are hardly forced to. You could take the Keikyu Airport Line to Shinagawa Stn (20 min, ¥410) and then use your JR Pass from Shinagawa to Osaka. It will take about 3½ hours by bullet train to reach Osaka, so you'd arrive there about 7PM.


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You can even use the JR Pass for the full trip, as the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport is covered by the JR Pass.

Acitvate the JR Pass at Haneda Airport, then take the Monorail to Hamamatsucho (the last stop of the Monorail) and from Hamamatsucho the Yamanote line to Tokyo station (only 2 stops ~5min). From Tokyo station, you can use the Shinkansen directly to Shin-Osaka and from Shin-Osaka, local services run throughout the city. The Shinkansen is trip is ~180 minutes. Add in transport to Tokyo station and to your accommodation and expect around 5 hours.

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