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from haneda airport to hakone to kyoto to tokyo

From Haneda airport to Hakone to Kyoto to Tokyo

Our family of 4 will be at Haneda airport on 30 June landing at 11pm. Because it is so late at night and we will perhaps not be able to get transport to anywhere, so we decide to stay overnight at the airport and travel to hakone the next morning to relax at an onsen for 2 nights. Then we will travel to Kyoto and Tokyo and leave Hanade on 11 July. Can you advise which would be the best way to travel on this itinerary. Will the following be the most economical and convenient:
- train from Haneda to odawara. - use Hakone free pass to travel from Odawara to Hakoneyumoto - train from Hakoneuymoto to Tokyo station - purchase Shinkansen tour package from Japanican to travel Tokyo- Kyoto and back. - or shd we skip the Japanican and travel straight from Hakone to Kyoto?

Please advise if we shd buy JR rail pass
Btw, I've read about the sky lounge at Hanada airport where you can sleep in a reclining chair for a small fee. Does it still exist?

Thanks. Looking forward to your reply


Hi there!

As Haneda is not so far away from Tokyo, I think I'd aim to stay around the Shinjuku area on the first night rather than Haneda. This will mean that you can travel directly to the Hakone area using the Hakone Free Pass from Shinjuku return. Then, on return you could do a simple return to Kyoto. Whether a JR Pass is right for you or not will very much depend on the amount of extra JR travel you intend to do - if you think you'll do more than ¥28,300 worth of travel, then I highly recommend it, however in your case you if you are sticking to a very definite schedule it may not be the best option.

The public lounges at Haneda do indeed exist (and are a great option if you have an early/late flight), however they are departure only, and cannot be accessed via arrivals so I am not sure this will be a help for you.

Hope this helps!

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