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from fukuoka to tokyo

From Fukuoka to Tokyo

First of all I want to say that this forum is an excellent medium with a lot of apprriate information, excellent!
Secondly I have this question: in August when we arrive at Narita airport in Tokyo we are planning to immediately travel to Fukuoka first and from there step-by-step back to Tokyo. We have about 14-16 days to do this trip.
What would you advise us about spending how many days days at the cities underway Fukuoka, Hirosjima, Osaka, Kyoto. Of course also using the JR Pass. The last 4-5 days we would like to spend them on making trips in Tokyo and short trips from Tokyo to for example Mt Fuji, Yokohama etc.
Any advice is well-appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance.
Ernst & Gala.


Hello Ernst and Gala,

Welcome to the forum!

Fukuoka is a great visit and one of my personal favourite places to live in Japan. Do note that travelling there from Narita Airport by rail is quite long trip. You may want to plan in a stop or two on the way there as well. The Shinkansen station for Fukuoka is called Hakata, so be sure to use that when planning with Hyperdia.

After enjoying Fukuoka, I would advise (2) days for Hiroshima - (1) day for Himeji - (2) days for Osaka and (3) days for Kyoto. These are minimums and feel free to add more days anywhere to your own liking. I would also recommend a day trip to Nara from Kyoto or Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your quick reply and highly appreciated advice.
I have already read some advice about Tokyo and surrounding area.
In case I need more advice I will get back to you.
Have a great day Daniel!


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