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for tokyo and osaka

For Tokyo and Osaka

We are buying Japna rail passes for our visit in july, I am unsure to buy 14 or 21 days pass, can you use the pass on localised services or is it worth buying local passes for the undersground/subway as in Osaka they do a 4 day pass, in Tokyo there is a Suico or Pasmo pass not sure about Kyoto yet and dont want to buy if you can get to mosty places on the Jr pass. Also can you reserve seats on the trains (they are free I believe for Jr pass holders we want to go to Miyajima from Osaka and Kyoto to kanazawa then on to Tokyo. I think the Toko to Kanazawa may get booked in July so when and how is it best to reserve these ticks as we will have luggage and want to make sure to get a seat.


Hi there,

The Japan Rail Pass is valid on the nationwide rail network, that includes local JR lines in both Tokyo and Osaka but not other transport like the subway or Tokyo metro.
You can use this map to see all that is covered.

From what I understand, is that you will visit: Tokyo, Miyajima (close to Hiroshima), Osaka, Kyoto, Kanazawa and back to Tokyo. All these places are fully covered by the JR Pass, so no worries there!

I am a bit unsure about your exact itinerary but you will be sure to make some nice savings with both the 14 and 21 day JR Pass. The difference in price for the 21-day JR Pass is ¥ 12,600, this is easily covered, for instance one way from Kanazawa to Tokyo alone is ¥ 15,750. It is a really nice option if you do want the added flexibility.

Trains from Kanazawa leave every 30 minutes, this means that you won't have to worry about them selling out. Still, with the JR Pass you can make a reservation at any time once you are in Japan. My recommendation is to make the reservation one day before, this way you are sure to have a smooth ride and you won't have to come early to the station to get the tickets reserved.

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