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first trip to japan free & easy

First trip to Japan free & easy


I would like to ask whether it's worth it for us(2adult & 1 child) to buy the JR 7 Day Pass for our coming Japan trip.
And if I so, can I use this pass to get around all the places I want to go? We will be there for 10 days arriving at Narita airport & leaving via Kansai airport. We plan to only activate the JR pass when we start our journey from Tokyo to Osaka. Is this the correct thing to do? And is JR pass in Kyoto usable? Hope you can give me some advise. Thank you in advance!

This is my plan:-
Day 1
Arrive Tokyo afternoon
Shibuya or Shinjuku walk around

Day 2
Tokyo Disneyland

Day 3
To Osaka

Day 4
Universal studio

Day 5
Osaka castle
Momofuku Andu Ramen factory

Day 6
To Kyoto
Fushimi Inari
Gion street

Day 7
Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion
Nishiki market
Back to Osaka

Day 8
Hiroshima day trip
Miyajima Island
Peace park
Hiroshima castle

Day 9
Osaka Aquarium

Day 10
Check out early to airport by limousine bus


Hi there!

That's a very detailed detailed itinerary and well thought out! I think that you will certainly enjoy your time there. As for the JR Pass, it will fit right in. You will make some good savings by traveling to Osaka and Hiroshima, just be sure to activate it on day 2 or 3 to be able to cover all your long distance travel with it.
The pass is usable for local travel in both Tokyo and Osaka and will be enough to cover most of both cities, the pass has also limited useability around Kyoto, you can for instance use it to travel to Fushimi Inari!

Looking at your itinerary, I think that it is already a great plan and don't have much to add. What you could visit in Kyoto is Arashiyama which is also reachable by JR. The Arashiyama area has lot's to offer, including a small money park.

Also when you are in Hiroshima, don't forget to visit the peace memorial museum. It's a piece of history not to be missed.

Enjoy Japan and have a good journey!

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Thanks for your advise!
I will get the 7 day JR Pass for my trip. :)


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