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first time japan

First time Japan

Dear sir,

We plan in Japan from Feb 21 - Mar 05, 2014 (Osaka-Osaka).
Need your trully tips for our trip at the lowest cost especially for the JR.
We want to see Osaka, Toyama, Kawagucigo (traditional houses, Takayama (ice wall) and Tokyo.
Will appreciate your tips if we have to overnite in one place for 2 nites (for example) to avoid the high cost.

Appreciate your soonest reply and waarm regards from jakarta

Hi there,

It always nice reading about somebody who is going to visit Japan for the first time!
I remember when I did and it was great.

Anyway, going to your questions, I believe a 7 day JR Pass would work well for you, gives that you plan to use it for all long distance travel. This way you can make some nice savings on your transportation costs and budget your trip easily.

For economic accommodations, I would suggest looking into hostels for your trip. Hostels in Japan are always a great experience and you get to meet fellow travelers a lot. is a great place to start looking/booking.

I hope this helps,

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